Living Renewed Devotional

We all experience issues in our lives that test our faith. In these times, it's especially important to connect with the Word of God. I collaborated with my good friend, Heather Lytryce, to create an amazing devotional to help you to discover the Word of God as it relates to your life. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY!


You can now order my first book, Unblocked: Connected to Heaven and Breaking Down Barriers that Hinder Supernatural Access to Healing and Breakthrough. It is available on Amazon.

This book was birthed after season drama and sickness turned into breakthrough and healing in my life. I went on quite a spiritual journey through deliverance. On that journey, God revealed alot to me about myself. He showed me a raw version, a true and unmasked version of myself that I hadn't seen in along while. During this journey of deliverance, I was able to experience freedom from strongholds that hindered my growth and healing. And, I was able to experience divine breakthrough. 

I was given so much insight on what hinders us as God's people; what blocks us from receiving and walking in the fullness of God, and I was lead to write this book. 

If you feel like you're limited, restricted, and hindered, it is my prayer that you will be enlightened by reading this book. You're life won't be the same!